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Gas and electric cooking surfaces are one of the most important types of kitchen appliances. If they fail, the number of dishes that can be prepared is significantly reduced. In this case, you need to perform repairs quickly, so as not to limit yourself in the preparation of your favorite delicacies.

In order to carry out repair work, a special certificate is required, indicating the presence of the appropriate permit. All our technicians from cooktop repair service who go to the house on a call have all the documentation, and also have a sufficient level of skills to perform repairs of cooking surfaces.


Common malfunctions

Most often, a malfunction in the operation of the cooking surface is expressed in the complete absence of the ability to start it to start cooking. In the case of gas stoves, this may be due to problems caused by faulty burners and valves.

Electrical panels are more complex and have several modules that can break:

  • Heating elements
  • Control unit
  • Power supply for low-voltage modules

In case of failure of any of them, the stove can either work incorrectly, or not start at all. Sometimes only a part of the programs continue to function, which also makes the cooking process uncomfortable and longer. The cooktop repair cost depends on a problem which happen.

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why you should immediately call the cooktop repair company

Why you should immediately call the cooktop repair company

In the case of both electric and gas stoves, it is best to issue a call as soon as possible. Faulty equipment is dangerous, especially if it continues to partially perform its functions. In addition, the malfunction can get worse, which will make a complete repair in cooktop service in Charlotte much more expensive.

Therefore, it is recommended to contact CLT Appliance Repair so that a specialist from cooktop repair in Charlotte can come, perform diagnostics and replace the defective parts. This will not take much time, but the result will be a fully functional appliance. After cooktop repair service it will be ready to perform all the functions originally conceived by the manufacturer.

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